Public Engagement and the Politics of Evidence


July 23, 24 & 25, 2015


Public Engagement

and the Politics of Evidence

in an Age of Neoliberalism

and Audit Culture

University of Regina

Video recordings by Brad McDonald and Joe Norris and partially funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant and

Brock University Faculty Association

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Day 1 July 23, 2015



Proceedings opened with a blessing

by Noel Starblanket



Vianne Timmons

Jennifer Tupper



Yvonna Lincoln

Marie Battiste

Budd Hall

Commerce in the Academy:Audit Cultures and Neoliberalism’s Assault on Liberalism. Regenerating Successes with Indigenous Knowledge:Possibilities, Practices, and Perplexities within Eurocentric Education

Beyond Epistemicide:

Knowledge Democracy and Higher Education


Leigh Patel



Linda Tuhiwai Smith


Anti-colonial educational research: From property rights to answerability


The optimistic art of the impossible- measuring impact of indigenous research in the era of historic denial and evidence based policy in higher education


Day 2 July 24, 2015





David Malloy


Michelle Fine

Chad Gaffield

Eve Tuck

Troubling calls for “evidence”: punitive accountability, disruptive innovation and neoliberal blues in the education deform project

Why universities are losing the narrative and how we might get it back

Biting the hand that feeds you: Theories of change in the settler state and its universities

Joel Westheimer

Rosalind Gill

Peter McLaren

Higher education or education for hire? Corporatization, fictive austerity and the threat to democratic thinking

The quantified self of neoliberal academia


Comrade Jesus: The dialectic regained and the people unchained–towards a revolutionary critical pedagogy



Day 3 July 25, 2015





Shauneen Pete


Christopher Meyers

Sandy Grande

Charlene Bearhead

Public scholarship and tenure/promotion: “Rethinking teaching, scholarship and service”

Some of us are Braves: Settler universities and the politics of indigenous refusal

Journey to reconciliation: Following the path of truth through student research


Marcia McKenzie

Nick Carleton


 “What Counts as Scholarship in Higher Education: Research ‘Priority Areas’ under Biocapitalism”

Measures and metrics and Maclean’s!

Oh My!