Common Knowledge for Video

These scenes are remounts for video from archived footage of performances of Common Knowledge.


Troy Brooks, Mary Code, Brandon Dear, Kat Gottli, Bailey MacLachlan, Joe Norris, Demetri Tsioros

1 Haunting Quotes

A series of quotes about cheating run through a person’s mid before making a decision about citing.

2a What’s Common Knowledge

Determining what is/isn’t common knowledge is easier said that done.

2b Copy and Paste

For an ‘outsider’ the rules can mean something different. (Believe it or not, this actually happened.)

3 Plagiarize Yourself – Three Responses


4 Second Chances, Deserved?


5 Pressures = Desperation?

6 The Bribe

7 Who’s Ideas Is It Anyway?

8 Unethical Behavior?

9 Remorse


10 That’s Not Me