You be the Judge (Rehearsal)

Your Be the Judge was written for ESL Services using scenarios that they provided us to devise. The videos are of a rehearsal that was used to assist cast members in remembering the scenes as they were improvisational, not script based. Due to class schedules, different cast members played different roles on different days.

These vignettes are rehearsals of scenes that were latter performed and workshopped in ESL Services classes at Brock University. The depict a work. in progress.


Lindsey Abrams, Mandi Bolger, Gemma Bordonaro, Yasmeen Concepcion, Aaron Drake, Maggie Hunter, Dylan Johnston, Jennifer McCormack, Mike Metz, Jaqui Noel, Sarah Patrick, Abbey Rollo, Demetri Tsioros, Lucas Vani

Scene 1 – You’ve Been Judged… With Perspective


Scene 2 – Do You Mind If I Sit Here?


Scene 3 – Failure is Not an Option


 Scene 4 – The Price is Not Right


Scene 5 – When in Doubt Fake It

6 – Romeo La Femme

Scene 7- Memorized Speech

Scene 8 – My Work/ Their Work

Scene 9 – Self Plagiarism