You Be the Judge

You Be the Judge was written for ESL Services using scenarios that they provided us to devise. The scenes were remounted for videos quality. While comments/questions for each vignettes are provided as conversation starters, we recognize that our audiences will also find other issues upon which to focus. What are yours? Directed by Joe Norris and filmed and edited by Brad McDonald. Cast and Co-Authors Lindsey Abrams, Mandi Bolger, Gemma Bordonaro, Yasmeen Concepcion, Aaron Drake, Maggie Hunter, Dylan Johnston, Jennifer McCormack, Mike Metz, Jaqui Noel, Sarah Patrick, Abbey Rollo, Savannah Salonge, Demetri Tsioros, Lucas Vani



You’ve Been Judged… …with Perspective

If you were the judge how world you determine degrees of responsibility of either party and what type of action would you take?

Failure is NOT an Option

  What external factors might encourage you to cheat?  

Do You Mind if I Sit Here?

  Friends and classmates can exercise pressure ti have you cheat on their behalf? How easy is it to navigate such requests?

The Price is Not Right

Different countries have different copyright laws an practices. What are your beliefs about photocopying the works of others’? How up to date are you on copyright laws?

Romeo La Femme

How does one acknowledge the contribution of others involved in group work? Are anyone’s ideas really original?

Self Plagiarism

Many are not aware that one much acknowledge previously completed work and can’t use the same work twice in assignments.

Memorized Speech

Believe it or not, this was an actual event.

When in Doubt Fake It

Are mistakes in citations academic integrity offenses or should they be treated like grammatical errors? In this case it also appears to be an act of deception.  What options did the student have? What actions should the instructor take?

My Work/Their Work