Major Awards

This is a superb paper that presents several significant conceptual ways to support arts pedagogy and arts-based inquiry. It is engaging and compelling, thoughtful and generous, evocative and provocative. His exploration of a holistic approach that adapts and honours the First Nations Medicine Wheel is highly creative, offering an alternative model for designing and assessing arts-based projects, with relevance for all those working in and through the arts. The paper is a mature and sophisticated work, based on a long commitment to the arts and education. The reviewers particularly appreciated the way the paper reviews a wide range of scholars and scholarship, and presents both theoretical perspectives and exemplars for consideration. Outstanding! Eventually, we selected Joe Norris’ book Playbuilding as Qualitative Research: A Participatory Arts-based Approach as the winner of the Outstanding Book Award. This book not only met all the criteria for the award, it exceeded every criteria. Norris bridges arts-based research, qualitative research, and playbuilding grounded in rich theories and create dialogue for various social justice issues. The committee members exclaimed not only about the accessibility, utility of this book, but the ways in which this book challenged our thinking, made us imagine how the audience participation might look like at the end of the scenes and the fertile ground for much needed dialoguing. The committee was honored and privileged to review the works of such great thinkers, change agents, and activists in qualitative research. Congratulations Joe Norris.
  • 2010 – Best Practice Award – Brock University
  • 1999    Premier’s Award of Excellence – Honorable mention for research done with Safe and Caring Schools Project (Province of Alberta)
  • 1998    Undergraduate Teaching Award Faculty of Education, University of Alberta
  • 1990    Honorable Mention – Outstanding Scholarly Research American Alliance for Theatre and Education
  • 1986    Education Quality Award for innovative curriculum development Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union