Understanding Person-Centred Care: Finding Dignity Within the Shadows


Complete Video:

“Understanding Person-Centred Care: Finding Dignity Within the Shadows” was written and performed by Mirror Theatre’s cast: Lindsey Abrams, Dani Shae Barkley, Candice De Freitas Braz, Lindsay Detta, Nadia Ganesh, Bernadette Kahnert, Rosa Moreno, Mike Metz, Joe Norris, Abby Rollo, Sumer Seth, Dawson Strangway

Directed and Narrated by: Kevin Hobbs

Filmed by: Brad McDonald

Edited by: Brad McDonald, Kevin Hobbs, Joe Norris

You can watch the film in its entirety here or select specific scenes below.

Scene by Scene:

Scene 1 – Turntable Etiquette

Scene 2 – Family Interviews

Scene 3 – Packing Memories

Scene 4 – Breakfast Offerings

Scene 5 – Communication on Bath Day

1)We all have busy schedules. How can we find time to talk?

Scene 6 – Labels

Scene 7 – Tick Tock

Scene 8 – Meant to Tell You/Code Lavender

Scene 9 – What if I Called it Earlier?

Scene 10 – Staff Interviews

Scene 11 – Mis(sed)understanding

Scene 12 – The Grey No

Scene 13 – The Rowdy Bunch

Scene 14 – Should it Be Normal?

Scene 15 – What Makes You Stay?

Scene 16 – Let it Go: Annoying Behaviour

Scene 17 – Let it Go: Ray of Sunshine

Scene 18 – Let it Go: Code Lavender

Scene 19 – Let it Go – Monologue

Scene 20 – Thank you