Implicit Bias and Cultural Humility

The following vignettes are taken from a variety of Mirror Theatre’s productions. Reassembled here, they address issues of understanding and respecting “the Other”. We ask, “How do we judge each other in inappropriate ways? How can we truly teach/help without imposing our value system on others? How labeling can be a form of discrimination? and How do we respectfully meet/greet people for the first time?”



How do you judge people?
Do you agree with the narrator’s judgments?
What judgements would you make? Why?

Walk of Shame


Imagine if this is what you experienced when walking down the street on a daily basis. How can your reactions negatively affect others?



How do our descriptors limit others?

Meet and Greet


We meet and greet people in a variety of ways?
In what ways could greetings be disrespectful

First Encounter


1) Even best intentions may not result in the desired effect. How can we make people feel welcome who are new to our midst?

2) Like Goldilocks, first encounters might be too strong and too weak, before we find what might be just right. Find a friend or classmate and explore, through improvisation, what might be a possible way of approaching someone for the first time.



1) The ‘sculpted’ people eventually challenge the ‘sculptor’. asking, “Better for whom?” Is ‘fixing’ a form of controlling? Is helping? Is teaching?

3) How could some of our behaviours be considered more an act of controlling than assistance?

Conflicting Perspectives


1) Given what you have watched, how would you respond to the characters’ comments in this scene?

2) Both the Board and the neighbourhood groups seemed to be unified in purpose. This is not always the case. What might dissenting perspectives in each group be? How would the larger group respond?