Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain: Dispelling the Myths of Mental Health Stigmas is an arts-based performance/workshop written by students enrolled in Dramatic Arts 3F77 at Brock University in 2011/12. This performance/workshop was commissioned by Brock University’s Office of Human Resources for its  Supervisors’ Fall Training Conference in the Fall of 2011. It was remounted in 2012 for Niagara Healthy Living.


April Bartley, Carwyn Bassett, Mary Code, Larissa Evans, Linda Faddoul, Hayley Faryna, Martine Fleming, Lauren Hudson, Gisele Kotarski, Alexa Leal, Janet Matic, Meaghan McKeag, Joe Norris, Mitchell Paisley, Alana Perri, Ariella Pileggi, Maddie Roesler, Megan Svajlenko, Monica Taylor, Erin Weitendorf

Q #1 You have a …


Scene 01 – Reading the Signs


Scene 02 – Doctor’s Prognosis


 Scene 03 – Webs We Weave


Q #2 – Chain Placed on

Scene 04 – Yes…; but…

Scene 05 – I’m fine…; but…

Q3 – So!

Scene 06a – The Cover Story


Scene 06b – The Cover Story


Scene 07 – Living with Disorder

Q # 4 – Working/Playing with It

Scene 08 – Mobbing?


Scene 09 – Punch Line


Scene 10 – Not Prepared for This


Q #5 – Dropping the Ball


Scene 11 – Back Stories


Q #6 – No I Don’t


Scene 12 – Exaggerated Concerns


Scene 13 – Not My Job


Scene 14 – Welcome Back

Q #7 – Keep on Truckin’

Niagara Healthy Living (PDF)