Adult Education: Community Development Course

These vignettes were devised and performed for video by DART 3F93 class. Issues in the text: Brown, J. D., & Hannis, D. (2012). Community development in Canada. Toronto: Pearson. were dramatized at the request of the  Community Development course instructor, Mary Saudelli.


Tara Anson-Cartwright, Emily Baird, Lauren Blain, Rachel Brown, Brandon Dear, Meghan Feron, Casey Gillis, Brittany Jackson, Amanda Kupers, Stefanie Kuttschrutter, Sandra Lyman, Casey Laidlaw, Heather Long, Bailey MacLachlan, Sarah Mason, Jonathan McDermid, Bekki Richardson, Alyssa Rossi, Megan Smith, Stephanie Sturino, George Tourloukis, Carley Webb, Sarah Wood  

Playground Change

The School Fundraiser





Homework Help


Town Hall Meeting


Officer Bubbles


Bubbles: Back at the Station?


Foreclosures: Three of Infinite Possibilities…


I Just Wanna Play Hockey

What’s News with You?